Dubai Land Market: Commercial land is attracting developers' attention

Dubai Land Market: Commercial land is attracting developers' attention

1 - Value: The property maintains the value of capital, and as experts say in the economy, the currency loses value over the years, even if you keep enough to buy a house at the moment, certainly can not buy the same house after 5 or 10 years because of the decline in the value of money
 This means that the property helped you protect the value of your property. Here the real estate plays the role of saving, not just making profits.

2. Return: The return on real estate investment is always higher than the rest of the investments. For Dubai real estate, revenues and profits are known and discussed previously in a previous report and monitoring that you can return to. Dubai Properties is profitable because of its attractive investment environment, safe political climate,
And its important economic position in the region. It is difficult to predict percentage percentages of returns for certain sectors of any given year, possibly due to known factors that have a direct impact on investment results in any country at any time. However, we can confirm that the investor in Dubai Properties
Has historically enjoyed a lucrative return on most of its investments. Even when it fell in the years of the global financial crisis, real estate investment turned into a great opportunity and we saw good growth in the past. We do not rule out that the coming years will be more profitable because the positive factors,
We already see it today around us.

3 - Stability: The property is stable in the short and long term, unlike other investments. Although gold is a safe investment over time, especially in periods where the markets are exposed to financial shocks and high volatility, it is also subject to fluctuations unlike the real estate sector in the UAE
 For example, which continues to be characterized in terms of price stability, so investment in stocks, currencies and oil futures contracts will be most vulnerable to unpredictable fluctuations, especially with the survival or return or continuation of the reasons that led to fluctuations in the prices of these tools during the past year.

4. Prices: Property prices are increasing naturally according to supply and demand, but stock and metal prices often see a big rise or a significant drop. For example, based on the accepted economic standards in the currency markets, the increase in the price of the "
Pitcuen "out of logic and understanding and beyond the framework of those economic laws. The value of this default currency (please pay attention to the term default unlike the property which is a tangible investment) and since some time in the improvement and increase, but the value of this currency is now achieved
Price hikes, it is difficult for experts and economic observers in the affairs of currencies to find an explanation and logical justification in accordance with the rules of economics. Perhaps this is the case that the price of the default currency recently exceeded the price of the ounce of gold, where the price of one currency exceeded
$ 2200, an unprecedented price in the currency market, and raises a lot of concerns about the future investment in this type of currency. If the real estate sector does not grow strongly it is going through a phase of cohesion, and although there will be pockets of strength in specific locations,
 But public returns are quiet. But stocks are always going through a tough period that goes on and on without anyone knowing when to recover. The same goes for oil prices, but recovery will take time.

The land market in Dubai is witnessing an increasing sales activity, especially in terms of commercial turnout, which allows the development of mixed-use real estate projects ranging from residential, hospitality, entertainment and shopping. The value of the sale transactions exceeded 2025 plots
With more than 20 billion dirhams worth of use since the beginning of the year 2017. The team of experts at our website,, confirmed that investors from inside and outside the UAE are consolidating their strong presence in the local real estate market,
Real estate projects meeting the requirements of hosting the Expo 2020 and vision of the emirate 2021.

20 billion dirhams total land sales transactions
2025 plots of land sold since the beginning of 2017
20 million square meters of total land area sold
1618 plots of land in Dubai sold for commercial uses
Land market in Dubai: Land sold by use
80% ratio of commercial land sold of the total
19% of residential land sold of the total
Percentage of industrial and agricultural land and services
Dubai Land Market: Top Selling
The highest selling commercial land was the Tannia 5 area with 135 plots sold
Wadi Al-Safa 6 second highest selling areas of commercial land to sell 117 plots of land
Palm Jumeirah is the third highest selling area of ​​commercial land selling 102 plots of land
Land Market in Dubai: Number of Land Sold
AED 1.5 billion worth of 102 commercial land sold in Palm Jumeirah
AED 1.4 billion worth of 11 commercial land sold in Business Bay
923 million dirhams worth 95 commercial land sold Al Barsha South 4